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Digital Health Collaborative

The Digital Health Collaborative is raising the bar for evidence and value in the adoption of digital health technologies.

The Digital Health Collaborative is a group of leading healthcare and consumer organizations that share a commitment to “raising the bar” for evidence and value in digital health technology.

Through research, grant funding, and regular convenings, the Collaborative advances the development and scaling of evidence-based, efficient, and equitable digital health solutions to improve outcomes and lower costs.

The Collaborative is supported by the Peterson Health Technology Institute (PHTI), an independent nonprofit that evaluates digital health solutions to determine their clinical- and cost-effectiveness for payers, providers, investors and others. The Digital Health Collaborative is not involved in PHTI’s digital health technology evaluations or assessment decisions.


The Collaborative includes representatives from leading healthcare and consumer organizations who are committed to “raising the bar” for evidence and value in digital health technology.


Alliance for Connected Care

American Telemedicine Association (ATA)

Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

HLTH Foundation

International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM)

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)


American Medical Association (AMA)

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA)

Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI)

National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions

Digital Health Collaborative members do not participate in the assessment process.

Core Principles


Innovative, patient-centered technology solutions will be essential to the future of healthcare. ​


Health technology companies should generate robust, reliable evidence about their benefits to patients and purchasers. ​

Clinical Benefit

Digital health technologies should deliver clinical benefits on-par or better than traditional care delivery models, including improving access, equity, and convenience. ​


Health technology should support more efficient care delivery and administration to drive system-wide savings.


High-value technology should be widely disseminated and adopted to drive improved health system performance.

Delivering Impact

Collaborative activities include a national purchaser survey, grantmaking, and convenings.
  • Convenings & Communications: Collaborative members meet bi-annually to advance a research and thought leadership agenda to advance the field, receive communications specific to members, and determine opportunities to cross-promote and amplify relevant resources ​
  • Annual Summit: Collaborative members can elevate and amplify impact to the broader healthcare ecosystem through participation in PHTI’s invite-only Annual Summit
  • Research & Impact Fund: The Collaborative will create a research agenda to support the development and adoption of evidence-based, cost-effective digital health solutions, disbursing grant funding through a PHTI-funded Research and Impact Fund.
  • Annual Survey: The Collaborative will commission an annual industry baseline survey to gauge national digital health purchasing​ trends

Research & Impact Fund

Select grant funding is being provided through the Digital Health Collaborative Research & Impact Fund for mission-aligned research and program initiatives.

Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

PHTI has partnered with DiMe and other leading industry organizations to define how Integrated Evidence Plans can be developed, optimized, and used to support the regulatory and commercial success of digital health products on an accelerated timeline.

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Explore insights from Collaborative members, such as industry reports, evidence guidelines, and stakeholder surveys, to help inform purchasers, providers, and developers.

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